Summertime Listening: Classical Music for Summer

  How about a little classical music for summer? Hot days, warm nights, afternoons at the beach, evenings grilling in the backyard. Summer is a source of nostalgia for many, the favorite season of most. We have summer reading, but what about summer listening? From the glistening piano music of Ravel; to summery songs by Berlioz, Barber, and Gershwin; to Mahler; and, of course, a little British Light Music; classical music offers boundless ways to

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Classical Music for Black History Month

Here at Salon97, we love to see classical music as bigger and grander than it tends to present itself. And, quite frankly, classical music does a lousy job talking about talented composers and musicians who aren’t dead, white, and male. The African American contribution to classical music is substantial and real. In honor of Black History Month, we put together this short guide of resources on great African American classical composers and music.


Let it Snow! A Winter Classical Playlist

As we enter a season of darker days and longer, colder nights, we look for ways to warm our souls from within. Add some wintertime joviality to your season with our winter classical playlist! It’s perfect for an evening curled up by the fire or a weekend afternoon with a good book and a warm cup of tea.