Ask Salon97: Turn It Off!!

It is Salon97’s goal to make classical music as approachable as possible. At the request of one of our community members, your questions will be answered here, in our new “Ask Salon97” column.

Fire away! We’re here to help.

And now for our inaugural question:

Dear Salon97,
I love classical music, but how can I stop my mother from playing it loudly at 7 a.m.?
Tired of Mozart

Dear Tired of Mozart,

Ah, yes. You love it, but you’d rather sleep. And depending on what time you went to bed last night, who could blame you for wanting to catch a few more Zs before letting loose with all that cheery, zippy musical glory?

Try telling your mom what a gorgeous piece that was she had playing this morning. Tell her that you’re sorry you missed part of it while you were sleeping and that, if she doesn’t mind, can we listen to it together over tea this afternoon? Then when you meet up for your listening rendezvous, explain to her that you’d really like to enjoy the music again with her next time, so could she please wait after you rise to turn on the radio or CD player?

Happy Listening,

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