Classical Music for the Workday

radio waveI’m often asked about accessible sources for listening to classical music during the workday. Whether you are looking to actively discover new music while working through monotonous tasks, wishing for pleasant sounds to drown out background noise, or all together just want to mix it up a bit at work, the following stations are my tried and true top picks for workday (and weekend!) classical music listening.

1. Capital Public Radio
Capital Public Radio is broadcast from Sacramento State University and offers a wide variety of classical music from Baroque, to full symphonies, to lesser-known composers from around the world. They also have a great jazz station to check out!

WQXR is New York City’s classical station. They offer a wide variety of classical music on their main stream, in addition to Q2 (new music), and Operavore, an all-opera channel. WQXR also has a very active and fun-to-read blog for quick work breaks.

3. is the live stream for Portland, Oregon’s non-profit classical station. They have a great mix of classical content streams throughout the day, and of the three stations I’ve mentioned so far, their interface is the best and most quickly updated for viewing the title and performer of what is currently being aired. After years of streaming classical music during the workday, I can tell you this becomes incredibly important!

4. Pandora
For the Pandora lovers out there, the music-streaming service recently began a “Classical for Work” playlist. Music here tends to be light and soothing, so if that’s what you’re looking for, head to Pandora!

What are you favorite places to listen to music while at work? Do share with us in the comments section!

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