2012 Super Bowl Classical Music Wrap-Up

Each year the Super Bowl provides a bounty of entertainment for sports lovers, sports haters, and nerds alike. Particularly intriguing for the geek/nerd crew is a fun-filled “name that tune” extravaganza during the Super Bowl’s rapid-fire commercial sessions, aka the Ad Bowl.

Along with some fellow web-based classical music nerds, I took part in this activity yesterday afternoon. So much fun!

The Ad Bowl started off with lots of Bud Light and techno. Things weren’t looking so good for classical. Then came Coca Cola and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, which was later determined to be this year’s MVP. Doritos put up a good fight, however, showcasing works by Rossini and Verdi.

According to our friends over at Kickass Classical, the final score was… Beethoven 3 (all via Coca Cola), Rossini 1 (via Doritos), R. Strauss 1 (via Toyota), and Verdi 1 (via Doritos).

One of Coca Cola’s winning ads, featuring Beethoven’s 5th Symphony:

Doritos featured Rossini’s Overture to the Barber of Seville:

What was your favorite Ad Bowl spot this year?

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