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American Composers Month



American Composers Month. It happened! But since it largely took place across the social web rather than on this website, here is a rundown of the awesome we blasted across the web for American Composers Month. And what a good month it was.


1. Gotta get things started with Aaron Copland and Rodeo, of Beef Commercial fame!

2. We then continue on to listen to the colonial tunes of none other than Supply Belcher. Any composer with a name like that needs to be on this list.

3. And since John Philip Sousa’s Liberty Bell March is also the Monty Python theme song, we need to listen to that, too!

4. Oh, and look at this seriously long (and definitely partial) list of American composers! Yes, there are more than three Americans writing classical music!

5. Harry Partch. Composer or sailor?

6. Quincy Porter wrote many great works for the lonely viola. Represent!

7. Check out this sample of George Crumb’s manuscript. Need I say more?

8. Amy Beach! She was cool.

9. It wouldn’t be American Composers Month without tipping our hats to film music! Here’s Henry Mancini, composer of the Pink Panther theme and many more.

10. Composer Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quartet join forces. YES.

11. William Grant Still! An annual American Composers Month staple over here at Salon97.

12. And a podcast all about John Cage.

13. Another annual appearance from Charles Ives! Because go big, or go home.

14. Lou Harrison or Santa Claus?

There are many more amazing composers that we didn’t highlight this time around. What’s your favorite?

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