Top 4 Ways You Can Be Studly Like Liszt

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Top 5 Ways You Can Be Like Franz Liszt,
the Ultimate Stud

Franz Liszt. Legendary virtuosic pianist. Fabulous composer, despite the current debate over whether his work was any good or not. And oh, how the women swooned. They threw their handkerchiefs at him in appreciation of his talent and physical beauty. This phenomenon is referred to as Lisztomania.

And now fast forward to the 21st century. French pop band Phoenix writes the song “Lisztomania.”

Oh, to be a stud like Liszt! YOU CAN BE.
Here’s how:

  1. Be an excellent pianist. (Yeah, that may be a lot to ask.)
  2. Write incredibly virtuosic works that others struggle to perform correctly. (A lofty task, I am well aware.)
  3. Have someone make a wide-release movie about you or write what will be come a very popular song about you. (Maybe??)
  4. Be a philanthropist. Franz Liszt taught over 400 students in a 40 year period and never charged for a lesson. And by the time he was in his mid-40s, Liszt started giving most of his performance earnings to numerous organizations he felt were worthy of his financial support.

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