Music and Data Visualization, part 4

Infinite Jukebox - classical music and data visualization

Are you ready for more music and data visualization? We sure are! This time we have a fun selection of interactive musical data visualization. You’ll want to bookmark this page for later, as you are likely find yourself slipping down a music and data visualization rabbit hole!


Carla shares Every Noise at Once which is a scatter-plot of every musical genre imaginable. We could spend days here. Seriously.

Have a look!

Every Noise at Once-music and data visualization


With Music Map, type in the name of any composer/artist to generate a map of other music you are likely to enjoy. Impressive.

For the example below, we selected Beethoven. Awesome that Frank Zappa is just a couple inches away!

Music Map - music and data visualization


So far we’ve looked at tools for discovering musical genres and artists. And with musicovery, we can hear what our mood sounds like!

musicovery - music and data visualization


Do you ever listen to a song or piece of music and wish it would continue forever? Carla shares with us The Infinite Jukebox. Just click different parts of the circle to create your own infinite loop of the song/piece of music of your choice.

Infinite Jukebox - music and data visualization

Do you have a favorite destination for interactive music and data visualization? Let us know and we’ll add it to our next interactive music and data visualization post!



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