Music and Data Visualization, part 5

3 tools to discover your inner musician

In our last music and data visualization post, we featured a selection of data viz-based sites for discovering new music. But this time you are the musician! The tools featured in this post deviate slightly from what we would typically refer to as “data visualization” but they are interesting and entertaining nontheless.

And now…

3 Tools to Discover Your Inner Musician:

1. Patatap

Do you ever think work would be way more fun, if only cool sounds came out of your computer as you typed? This fantasy is more attainable than you think! Enter Patatap. In addition to creating your own soundscapes as your type, colorful abstract images accompany each note you play.

2. In B flat

in b flat is a project created by Darren Solomon after realizing that YouTube allows users to play more than one video at a time. He played all the instruments for In B flat 1.0 but crowd-sourced videos of musicians performing in Bb major for version 2.0. Hit pause and play on the videos as you please to create you own soundtrack!

3. Querty Beats

You’ve always wanted to be a drummer, right? Now is your chance! Querty Beats turns your keyboard into a drum machine.


In our previous music and data visualization posts, see beautiful visual representations of music, an aural portrayal of climate change and classical masterpieces depicted with bar graphs, science-based visualizations and sonifications, and interactive musical data visualization.

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