Bach and My Father

Last week my dear friend Holly shared a poem she came across in Writer’s Almanac. Its simple beauty speaks for itself, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Bach and My Father by Paul Zimmer Six days a week my father sold shoes To support our family through depression and war, Nursed… Continue reading Bach and My Father

Boccherini: He’s a composer, not a cheese.

Recently, details of a UK survey identified how little people seem to know about classical music. Even Sir Edward Elgar, who used to be featured on UK bank notes, was barely recognizable by whoever it was who took this survey. My favorite part of all, however, is that four percent of those surveyed confused composer Luigi… Continue reading Boccherini: He’s a composer, not a cheese.

A great quote.

A good friend of mine was recently sifting through old magazine clippings and emailed me when she found this quote: “A lot of people regard classical music as a foreign language. But what counts isn’t your ability to distinguish a sonata from a concerto. It’s your emotional response to the music. Sometimes friends who hear… Continue reading A great quote.