Pi Day: Music and Math

Lawrence Ball Harmonic Maths

On Pi Day, perhaps the geekiest of holidays, March 14 (3/14) is a day to celebrate all things numbers (irrational or not) and … pie. In celebration of this wonderfully nerdy holiday, we continue our Music and Data Viz series with a special Music and Math edition!

First things first, pi! Have you ever wondered what pi would sound like? Michael Blake made this wonderful video of pi. Sonified!

And Bence Peter’s piece for piano, based on the Fibonacci Sequence:

Now we turn to the beautifully mesmerizing work of Lawrence Ball. Ball is a composer, math teacher, and performer and is particularly interested in algorithmically-generated music. Here is one if his harmonic maths visualizations:
Lawrence Ball Harmonic Maths- Music and Math

Here is Ball’s “Triangles”: A “digital display of the waveform as you hear it as a low drone, with modulating harmonics, created by the shape you witness as it changes.”

And then there’s Beethoven! Natalya St. Clare’s TED-Ed video discusses Beethoven’s use of mathematics in the famous Moonlight Sonata:

 What is your favorite example of mathematics in music?

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