Salon97 Digest, 24 July 2011

Finding America’s Composers
by Rob Deemer, NY Times
A fabulous accounting of how one musician’s career morphed from aspirations of being a band teacher to becoming a composer and radio curator — and who he met along the way.

Brazil’s Orchestral Crisis
by Norman Lebrecht, Slipped Disc
Drama, classical style. Conductor who forced many musicians to re-audition for their seats now has to take a reduced role with the orchestra.

Through Static, The Voice of History
The first commercial recording!

Does a new classical recording exploit 9/11?
Wall Street Journal
More drama! A bunch of people are angry that Steve Reich’s new album displays an image of the twin towers.

Opera Takes the Heat with a Little Help from Gatorade
by Daniel J. Wakin, New York Times
The trials and tribulations of rehearsing a summer outdoor opera.

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