Salon97 Digest, 9 July 2011

Since Salon97 exists to school you on the awesomeness of classical music, we’re adding a new feature to our website! Each week we’ll post a selection of interesting/funny/inspiring articles collected over the past seven days (and a few extra days this time since this is our first post of this nature). Have something to add? Please leave a comment!

Vivaldi: A Canadian composer, eh?
By Murray Charters, Brantford Exhibitioner
Is there a connection between Antonio Vivaldi and Canada? You be the judge.

Dispatch from Canada: Toronto Symphony Orchestra strikes gold with the kids
By Marcia Adair, LA Times
More symphonies need to be like this. Seriously.

What Makes Music American?
By Tom Huizenga, NPR Classical
The top burning question at our May 2011 listening party in San Francisco!

Mozart, Beethoven… now meteorology?
By Kat Austen, CultureLab
Weather becomes a composer!

Listen to Arvo Part’s new piece written in honour of the pope.
By Tom Service, The Guardian
Arvo Part’s music is beautifully one of a kind, and this piece is no exception.


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