Stop Clapping!!

The most-asked question we encounter when it comes to classical music concert-going is, “When the heck am I supposed to clap?!” Salon97’s default response is that it is generally most acceptable to wait until the end of the piece. If you’re confused, just follow the crowd. But now, this may be starting to change. Alex… Continue reading Stop Clapping!!

Sir Edward Elgar: Great Composer, Not-so-great Musician

I got a huge kick out of reading this article about Sir Edward Elgar, a fantastic composer whom I greatly admire. Turns out his facility for trombone playing wasn’t such a strength. As stated in a letter written by his pal Dora Penny: “On one occasion, he [Elgar] got up and fetched a trombone that… Continue reading Sir Edward Elgar: Great Composer, Not-so-great Musician

A New Charity

A charity is being established in honor of William Grant Still–a composer from Mississippi who always wanted to help children from his home state. Finally, his dream comes true.

Music education for all

At Salon97, we sure do like El Sistema. And kudos to the New England Conservatory for considering a plan to make this an educational standard in the U.S.!

Check Out Keeping Score. Easy! Free!

The second season of Keeping Score is in full swing! It’s a series of three one-hour specials chronicling the works (or a work) of some fantastic composers. This season’s composers are Hector Berlioz, Charles Ives, and Dmitri Shostakovich. The series is really cool and there are multiple PBS air times, so do check it out!… Continue reading Check Out Keeping Score. Easy! Free!