Classical Music at the Movies: Aaron Copland, Spike Lee and “He Got Game”

The year is 1998. Filmmaker Spike Lee is ten movies into his career but things have hit a snag.  The writer/director’s last three movies have all been adapted from other people’s material and have done so-so with both audiences and critics. The harsher among them say that Lee–successful, admired, and a long way from earlier films (like Do The Right Thing) which have his stamp on every frame–is now phoning it in. For his next

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In Case You Missed It:
American Composers Month

American Composers Month. It happened! But since it largely took place across the social web rather than on this website, here is a rundown of the awesome we blasted across the web for American Composers Month. And what a good month it was. Enjoy! 1. Gotta get things started with Aaron Copland and Rodeo, of Beef Commercial fame! 2. We then continue on to listen to the colonial tunes of none other than Supply Belcher.

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Composer of the Week: Aaron Copland

b. November 14, 1900, Brooklyn, NY d. December 2, 1990, North Tarrytown, NY Aaron Copland was a famed American composer and an accomplished pianist. He was known as the “Dean of American Composers.” His composition style was a unique hybrid of American folk idioms and modern classical music and is identified by his iconic use of percussive orchestration, changing meter, polyrhythms, polychords and tone rows. Many of Copland’s works incorporated slowly changing harmonies that aptly

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