2012 Super Bowl Classical Music Wrap-Up

Each year the Super Bowl provides a bounty of entertainment for sports lovers, sports haters, and nerds alike. Particularly intriguing for the geek/nerd crew is a fun-filled “name that tune” extravaganza during the Super Bowl’s rapid-fire commercial sessions, aka the Ad Bowl. Along with some fellow web-based classical music nerds, I took part in this activity yesterday afternoon. So much fun! The Ad Bowl started off with lots of Bud Light and techno. Things weren’t

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Classical Music and Cinema: Beethoven and “Elephant”

The Moonlight Sonata is among the most recognized compositions by one of the most recognized composers. Filmmakers know this, so when they decide to use it, it’s not the musical counterpart to the hero getting out of bed (unless there’s a corpse in there with her) or buying a mop (unless it’s to stab a pursuing serial killer). The Moonlight Sonata (given name Piano Sonata No. 14) can’t help but call attention both to itself and

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Composer of the Week: Ludwig van Beethoven

We’re squeezing in one last Fantasia salute before the month ends! Beethoven’s segment of the film truly rocks, so we couldn’t pass this one up. Yay Beethoven and yay Fantasia! b. December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany d. March 26, 1827 in Vienna, Austria Ludwig van Beethoven was regarded as the most important composer in the transition between the Classical and Romantic period of music and is also thought to be the most important composer

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