Music and Data Visualization, part 2

We’re back by popular demand with more music and data visualization! From an aural portrayal of climate change to classical masterpieces depicted with bar graphs, this latest selection of music and data is full of creativity and beauty. 1. Classical Masterworks as Bar Graphs We shared one of these with you last year as part of our blog post celebrating Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring‘s 100th birthday. Time for more! Via Musanim’s YouTube channel, watch a

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Music and Data Visualization, part 1

From musical discovery (classical and beyond!) to consuming various other forms of arts and culture, to reading articles and books on virtually any topic under the sun, we’ll devour just about anything you send our way. So, it’s little surprise that we love infographics. It’s even less surprising that we love, LOVE seeing data visualized through and about music. What could be cooler than that?! Luckily for web surfers the world over, there is a

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