In Case You Missed It:
American Composers Month

American Composers Month. It happened! But since it largely took place across the social web rather than on this website, here is a rundown of the awesome we blasted across the web for American Composers Month. And what a good month it was. Enjoy! 1. Gotta get things started with Aaron Copland and Rodeo, of Beef Commercial fame! 2. We then continue on to listen to the colonial tunes of none other than Supply Belcher.

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Music to Read By: A Playlist to Accompany Mary Roach’s PACKING FOR MARS

The article below was originally published as a Salon97 guest post for BookRiot.The fabulous folks at BookRiot run a wonderful website that brings out the “cool” in all things books and reading. Check them out! And now for the playlist… Occasionally I come across a book that simply begs to be enjoyed along with a playlist. I have a field day with such projects. In actuality, I generate a lot of playlists—at least one per

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