It’s Just Music

This introspective and honest article by Benjamin F. Carlson has been floating around the classical music community over the past week. For obvious reasons, classical people get really excited when someone from “the outside” gives us a nod and says our music is good, too. That aside, the article is a good read for anyone — no matter what your musical preferences may be. A brief excerpt: … I feel lucky to know the big

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NY Phil’s Le Grand Macabre by Ligeti

The New York Philharmonic recently presented an innovative production of Ligeti‘s Le Grand Macabre. To accompany this brilliant show, the NY Phil’s marketing department put together a series of behind-the-scenes flip cam videos. So many times we wonder what it takes to put together the wonderful concerts we attend, and thankfully, the New York Phil has given us a backstage pass via YouTube. They say the show will be back in 2012, and I can’t

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