A Bear Sits at a Piano.
How Would You Caption This?

We posted this curious photo on our Facebook Page awhile back and asked the Salon97 community what their captions would be: Gosh, you guys are creative. And funny! Here are our bear/piano photo captions: Lauren: “He preferred to play Bearoque music, but he was stuck thumping out Disney tunes for the tourists.” and “Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy sat on a chair, fuzzy wuzzy liked to play Leclaire.” Jonathan: “Sing Us a Song,

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4.5 Ways to Explore Bach’s Goldberg Variations

For our March event in San Francisco, we held a group viewing of “32 Short Films About Glenn Gould.” The movie is an odd collection of vignettes and is very fitting for such an iconoclastic person. Prior to researching this film and Glenn Gould himself, I’d spent shockingly little time thinking about/listening to Bach’s Goldberg Variations, a collection that is commonly associated with Glenn Gould’s name and virtuosity. We discussed Gould’s life, the Goldbergs, and

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