Classical Bowl: 2013 Super Bowl (Classical) Ads Wrap-Up

Last year we were blessed with copious amounts of classical music in Super Bowl commercials. It was also our first year live-tweeting classical happenings during The Big Game, so of course we expected a similar amount of classical awesome during this year’s festivities. While the game was incredibly exciting, there was almost no classical music present in the mostly-lackluster commercial set. Good thing there were other fun things happening during the game (like, uh, *the

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Composer of the Week: Franz Schubert

Franz Peter Schubert, a chamber music extraordinaire and one of the few truly Viennese composers, lived a short but very prolific life. He’s our Composer of the Week and he rocks! b. January 31, 1797 in Vienna, Austria d. November 19, 1828 Schubert was the youngest of five out of nine surviving children. He was taught to play the violin by his schoolmaster father and piano by his oldest brother. It became apparent quite quickly

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