NY Phil’s Le Grand Macabre by Ligeti

The New York Philharmonic recently presented an innovative production of Ligeti‘s Le Grand Macabre. To accompany this brilliant show, the NY Phil’s marketing department put together a series of behind-the-scenes flip cam videos. So many times we wonder what it takes to put together the wonderful concerts we attend, and thankfully, the New York Phil has given us a backstage pass via YouTube. They say the show will be back in 2012, and I can’t

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Classical Continues to Find Innovative Ways to Use YouTube

Late last week a member of the Salon97 community sent me a link to: This site is so cool that I wish I could embed the whole thing into this post. Basically, it’s a page constructed of several YouTube videos. Each is a video of someone playing a tune in B flat. They all go together, and you’re at liberty to create your own “In B Flat” masterpiece by playing different videos in tandem.

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