American Classical Music.
It isn’t all the same!

Classical music is so much more than Beethoven and Mozart! While their work was and is amazing, there are many talented composers right here in the U.S. (past and present) that you have likely never heard of. In a truly American way, each of the composers featured below had a vastly different approach to what classical music written in the U.S. is and should be. A small survey of an expansive and fascinating world… John

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In Case You Missed It:
American Composers Month

American Composers Month. It happened! But since it largely took place across the social web rather than on this website, here is a rundown of the awesome we blasted across the web for American Composers Month. And what a good month it was. Enjoy! 1. Gotta get things started with Aaron Copland and Rodeo, of Beef Commercial fame! 2. We then continue on to listen to the colonial tunes of none other than Supply Belcher.

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Composer of the Week: William Grant Still

Because composers rule, we’re starting a new tradition of publishing a post honoring a different composer each week. First up is William Grant Still, an African-American composer and Salon97 fan favorite! b. May 11, 1895 in Woodville, Mississippi d. December 3, 1978 in Los Angeles, California The first African-American to conduct a major symphony orchestra in the U.S. and the first African-American composer to have a symphony performed by a major orchestra, along with being

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