Classical Music is for Everyone!

musical cartoon

Cartoon by Pablo Helguera, via

Classical music. When you hear those words, do you feel daunted? Bored? Do you feel a sudden need to run the other direction? Or maybe you just roll your eyes and tune out?

We know how you feel. And we’re here to share the many wonderful ways classical music can warm your soul or give you a hearty laugh. Really!

From podcasts, to videos of Mozart “doing stuff,” to articles on a variety of topics, we have an endless musical playground for you to explore.

Here are some great places to get started:

Watch some videos! Mozart Does (wacky) Stuff, Super Bowl commercials, and more.
Read about classical music in the movies.
Learn about some great composers and listen to their music.
Listen to our monthly five-minute(ish) podcast.
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We also have a station and an Rdio channel to keep you company during the workday. Come listen with us!

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